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Do I even need a lawyer for my case?

As I have written in my books entitled, The Truth Series, nearly all personal injury and Worker’s Compensation cases in Massachusetts require a lawyer’s services. But not every case needs legal assistance. For a very small case with very limited medical treatment and clear liability, it may not make economic sense to hire an attorney.


However, for more serious injuries, a lawyer should always be hired. Plus, the attorney does not get paid unless the case settles, and the attorney advances all necessary case expenses. This is called a contingency fee. Nearly every attorney in America handles car accident cases and all other personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. 


Many people wonder if it makes sense to pay a lawyer one-third of the settlement. Studies show that even after the lawyer is paid his or her one-third legal fee, you still will receive more money in your pocket than had you handled the case on your own. Specifically, the Insurance Research Council found that car accident victims, in particular, received a settlement roughly 3.5 times higher than they would have received had they not had an attorney handling their case.


Plus, besides getting you a fair settlement, the attorney can make sure all other matters are taken care of, such as handling all paperwork, dealing with the insurance company, and negotiating a fair and full settlement for you. Also, a qualified and experienced attorney can help you sleep at night since you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of by an insurance company.


When you have a medical problem, you don’t try to practice medicine on yourself. Similarly, if you have a legal problem, such as being the victim of an accident, you don’t practice law and represent yourself. Get legal help today for your case from an experienced, honest, and aggressive attorney. The legal process is one you should never dabble in.


In addition, an attorney provides peace of mind. It’s tough enough dealing with the physical and emotional issues of an accident and its aftermath. Not having legal help on your side can make the entire situation even worse. You can rest assured when you have an attorney going to bat for you that your rights are fully and fairly protected.


If you or anyone you know needs the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Massachusetts, I encourage you to contact today the Earley Law Group Injury Lawyers at 617-444-7777 for your free complimentary case consultation.


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