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Deposition Tips for Massachusetts Accident Victims

Deposition Tips for Massachusetts Accident Victims

If you are a plaintiff in a personal injury case, you should take into account the following fundamental deposition rules:

1) Be aware of the accident’s date, time, and place;

2) Recognize where and when you received medical attention for your wounds;

3) Don’t provide flowery responses; be succinct and solely address the subject at hand;

4) Remain composed, at ease, and assured when speaking with the defense lawyer; avoid becoming flustered or impatient;

5) Examine your responses to the questions before the deposition;

6) Be prepared to talk about previous accidents you’ve been involved in and the injuries you experienced there;

7) Never challenge the defense lawyer;

8) Keep in mind that the stenographer is recording everything you say and that you are speaking under oath

9) If there is a question you do not understand, ask the defense attorney to repeat it. Keep in mind that everything you say is under oath and being recorded by the stenographer.

10) RELAX in the knowledge that you filed the lawsuit and are now in control of the situation; the defendant should be on edge, not you.

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