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Common Workers Compensation Claim Mistakes

Common Workers Compensation Claim Mistakes
Common workers compensation claim mistakes
Many that are injured at work in Massachusetts are not familiar with the workers compensation claim process. This can result in the injured worker unwittingly making mistakes with the claim that can greatly impact the benefits the worker can collect.  Here are some common workers compensation claim mistakes to avoid.

Not Reporting The Accident 

The first thing to do after a work accident is to report it. The accident should be reported immediately to the employer.  Failure to report, or delays in reporting, will only cause problems down the road with a workers comp case.

Not Receiving Medical Treatment 

If you experienced an on-the-job injury, you should receive appropriate medical treatment. By law any treatment that is reasonable, related and necessary must be paid by the workers compensation insurance company.  Also, keep in mind you can go to any doctors you wish for a work injury.  You do not have to go to any doctors suggested by your employer or the workers comp insurance company.  The exception is the Independent Medical Exam (IME).

Signing Paperwork From The Insurance Company 

You should never, ever sign any paperwork sent to you by the workers compensation insurance company.  To do so could result in you limiting, or even foregoing entirely the benefits you are entitled to. Always consult a work injury lawyer prior to signing any workers comp paperwork.

Working While Injured 

Some injured workers decide to continue working even after an on-the-job injury.  This course of action is problematic because by returning to work when you are injured only subjects you to potential further injury.  If you get hurt at work don’t return to work until your doctor clears you to return.

Not Hiring A Boston Workers Compensation Lawyer

Massachusetts workers compensation law is very complex.  Don’t go it alone.  The Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents is a court with very specific procedures and forms that must be adhered to.  Failure to follow these rules can result in you losing our out on benefits you are entitled to.
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