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The Most Common Types Of Personal Injury Accidents

The Most Common Types Of Personal Injury Accidents
The most common types of personal injury accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

These are by far the most common type personal injury claim.  Automobile accident claims cover all accidents including rear end accidents, left turn accidents, side swipes, and other types of motor vehicle collisions.  If the claimant can show the other driver was negligent, and that he was injured as a result, then he has a valid claim to pursue.
In Massachusetts we have a no-fault automobile claim system. This means regardless of fault, the injury victim’s reasonable and necessary medical bills stemming from the accident will be paid by the insurance company.  However, in order to bring a claim for pain and suffering, the medical bills have to add up to at least $2,000 bills.  In the event of broken bones or scarring, this $2,000 tort threshold does not apply.
These cases also include:

Workers Compensation

As with motor vehicle accidents, workers compensation injuries are extremely common.  These cases do not require a showing of negligence. Rather, all that needs to be shown is that an employee’s injury arose during the course and scope of employment.  The injured worker may not sue his employer, but rather can make a claim for workers comp benefits with the employer’s insurance company.
If a third-party though was responsible for bringing about the injuries then a lawsuit can be filed against that person or company.

Slips And Falls

While less common, slip and falls do happen quite often. These are premises liability cases and they require the claimant to show that the property owner failed to reasonably maintain its premises.  Like with car accident cases, slip and falls require a showing of negligence.  Some common types of these cases are:

  • Snow and ice cases
  • Slips and falls in stores and supermarkets
  • Falls by tenants at rental properties
  • Falls on public sidewalks

There are other types of personal injury accidents. However, these are some of the most common types of Massachusetts personal injury accidents.
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