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Common Types Of Boston Workers Compensation Accidents

Common Types Of Boston Workers Compensation Accidents
Common types of Boston workers compensation accidents
Through years of handling injury cases in Boston I have seen some common types of workers compensation cases. Although workers can be injured at work in a multitude of ways, there are some common situations that give rise to work injuries.  Here are some of them:
Car Accidents
Many people are required to drive as part of their job.  Truck drivers, Uber and Lyft drivers, and taxi operators are particularly vulnerable to motor vehicle accidents given the number of hours they are on the road.  Many times the injured driver (or passenger) has not only a workers compensation case, but also a third-party case if the injured worker did not negligently cause the car wreck.
Construction Accidents
Construction workers are constantly exposed to risk of injury, and even death on a daily basis. Ironworkers, carpenters, electricians, laborers and all other people that work on construction sites will likely have at least one workers compensation claim during their career.  As with car accidents, these injured workers may also have a third-party negligence claim to pursue as well.
Slips And Falls 
Spilled liquids, snow and ice, and waxy floors are some elements that can expose workers to slip and fall injuries. These accidents can cause injured workers soft tissue injuries, broken bones, shoulder tears, and other serious injuries.  If a third party negligently caused the slip and fall, a lawsuit can be filed against that person or company.
Boston Workers Compensation Attorney 
Regardless of what caused your accident, it is important to have legal representation on your side. Call the Earley Law Group today to get started.  We welcome the opportunity to represent you.

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