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Boston Workers Compensation Law

Boston Workers Compensation Law
Workers compensation benefits are codified into law in Massachusetts.  These laws provide injured workers with wage replacement and medical benefit coverage in the event they experience a work injury.  This is a no-fault system which means even if you were completely, or partially responsible for causing the accident, you can still collect workers compensation benefits.
Boston workers compensation law

Who Can Collect Workers Comp Benefits?

These benefits are available to all employees.  Independent contractors do not qualify for these benefits.  Determining whether or not one is an employee or independent contractor depends on the circumstances of the job.
Temporary employees are also eligible.  Non-citizens are eligible as well.  And, even if you are paid in cash, you still can collect workers compensation benefits.
Even if an employee is injured on the first day of the job, he/she is still protected by workers compensation law.  It also doesn’t matter if one is a full-time or a part-time employee.  All employees, regardless of the number of hours worked is eligible for workers comp.

What Benefits Are Available?

Available benefits include wage replacement, medical benefits, payment for scarring and disfigurement, as well as death benefits.  These are tax-free benefits that neither the state or federal government taxes.
The fact that these benefits are available however does not mean they will not be freely given. Workers compensation insurance companies routinely deny legitimate and meritorious claims.  They like to keep their money, rather than pay it out to deserving workers who have rightful claims to workers compensation benefits.
When they do deny claims, it is important to have legal representation on your side.  Our office can help you file the necessary paperwork with the Department of Industrial Accidents.  We will go to court and fight for the rights that you are entitled to.  The Earley Law Group stands ready to help you.

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