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Boston Slip And Fall Attorneys

Boston Slip And Fall Attorneys
Slips and falls happen in many different ways.  These accidents frequently cause broken bones and other serious injuries. As Boston slip and fall attorneys, we have seen through the years common elements of strong slip and fall claims.
Here are some things to do (if possible) following a Massachusetts slip and fall accident:

Photograph What Caused The Fall And Your Injuries

Since nearly everyone has a smartphone with a high-capability camera, taking quality photos has never been easier.
Whether it be a defective staircase, liquid on a floor, or snow and ice that caused the fall, it is important to photograph the condition that caused your fall before it changes.
Also, take photographs of any visible injuries you sustained so that your Boston slip and fall attorney can present the photos to the insurance company.

Report The Slip And Fall Accident 

Reporting as soon as possible to owner of the property of where you fell is important.  Whether it is your landlord that is responsible, a retail or store, or a private property owner, immediate reporting is crucial to preserving a record of the incident.
It isn’t important to inform the necessary party in writing.  Make sure to collect the names and contact information of all witnesses to the accident.

Get Necessary Medical Treatment As Soon As Possible

A delay in time between the time of the fall and presentation for medical treatment can negatively impact your claim.  If you are injured it is important to get the necessary medical treatment.
Be sure to tell the medical personnel exactly what caused your injuries so that the medical records accurately reflect the cause of the injuries.

Boston Slip And Fall Attorney Christopher Earley Can Help You

If you or someone you know needs an experienced Boston slip and fall attorney, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.  Taking the right steps following a slip and fall accident can help ensure that your rights against the responsible party are protected.

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