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Boston Herniated Disc Injury Lawyer

Boston Herniated Disc Injury Lawyer

Herniated discs can be extremely painful and problematic injuries. They are sometimes called slipped discs or ruptured discs.  Each vertebrae in the spine is cushioned by a disc.  When the inside of a disc escapes and touches a nerve, it causes serious pain.  Some people who have an actual herniation may not even know they have one.
The human back is broken up into three parts: the cervical region (upper back), the thoracic region (mid-back), and the lumbar region (lower back).
Most disc herniations are found in the lumbar spine.  L4-L5 and L5-S1 are the sites of most herniations.  Many are also found in the cervical spine at C5-C6, and C6-C7.
The pain from a herniation causes pain in either the lower or upper limbs, depending on which disc is herniated.  Someone who has a herniated disc may feel severe pain, tingling, and weakness.
Herniations are discovered through MRI’s which allow doctors to closely see a particular area of someone’s spine  Sciatica is commonly caused by a herniation.
Treatment for herniations typically involves injections, removal of the disc (disectomy), or fusion surgery.  Most can be treated conservatively without surgery.
Common Causes of Herniated Discs
Most herniated discs are caused by wear and tear to the spine.  With age, the discs become weakened and are susceptible to herniation.  This is referred to as a degenerative condition.
However, a herniation to a disc can be brought about by a personal injury event.  Here are some common accident types that can bring about a herniated disc:

Local Herniated Disc Injury Attorneys

If you have suffered a disc herniation from a personal injury accident, I invite you to contact us today for your free consultation.  We have handled many disc herniation claims, and would be pleased to help you with your claim.

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