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10 Reasons Why I Love Arbitration

Arbitration is a great way to acheive finality to a personal injury case in Massachusetts.  Here are 10 reasons that make arbitration so appealing:

1) it is relatively inexpensive;

2) it is quick;

3) it is relaxed;

4) the rules of evidence are relaxed;

5) the parties can mutually agree on an arbitrator;

6) it gives both parties a 'mini trial' without having to go through the stresses that a public trial in front of a judge and jury brings;

7) it provides for greater predictability since an arbitrator – who is always an attorney – understands the law and the value of case, unlike a jury of non-attorneys;

8) it allows the parties to have a 'high/low' agreement which insures that the injury victim will not walk with nothing;

9) it eliminates for the insurance company the possibility of a 'run-away' jury verdict;

10) it allows for the injury victim an opportunity for a full cup of justice without having to go to court.

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