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Boston Electrocution Injury Lawyer

Boston Electrocution Injury Lawyer
Boston electrocution injury lawyer
Many people are electrocuted.  Electrocution is what happens when someone receives a strong electrical shock.  Sometimes the shock is mild and sometimes it is severe.  Roughly 30,000 each year experience an accidental electrical shock.  An estimated 1000 people die each year from accidental electrocution. As a Boston electrocution injury lawyer, I can help if you or someone you know has been electrocuted.
Frequently it is construction workers that are most susceptible to electrocution.  Roughly half of accidental electrocutions involve construction workers.  It is not just electricians that are exposed.  Anyone working on a construction site is exposed to electrocution risk at any given moment.
When construction workers experience an electrocution, they will have a workers’ compensation claim to pursue.  That will pay for lost time from work as well as medical bills.  What these victims may also have is a third-party claim if someone other than the worker’s employer caused the electrocution.
Contractors, subcontractors and other parties may be sued if they were negligent for causing the electrocution.  They can be held liable to pay for all losses and damages the electrocution victim suffered.
It is not just construction workers that can be electrocuted.  People in their own homes can be electrocuted by defective consumer products or faulty wiring in the home.  The shocks produced by these accidents is generally low, but personal injuries can still result.
Wrongful death cases sometimes stem from electrocution.  These cases typically involve high-voltage wires.  When this happens, the family for the decedent (the one who died) can sue whoever negligently caused or contributed to the electrocution.
For non-fatal cases, typically burns can result.  These can range anywhere from 1st to 3rd degree burns.  Also, body tissue can be highly impacted and damaged when an electrocution takes place.
In other cases spinal cord damage can result, fractures (broken bones) from being thrown from one’s position or ladder, nerve damage, kidney damage, respiratory damages, as well as other injuries that can occur from electrocution.

Boston Electrocution Injury Lawyer

The Law Office of Christopher Earley is a team of dedicated legal professionals that can help if you, a loved one, or a friend suffered an electrical injury either at work, or somewhere else.  Call today for your free consultation to discuss the particulars of your case.

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