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New Handheld Cell Phone Ban

New Handheld Cell Phone Ban
It is no question that distracted driving is the cause of many preventable car accidents. Thankfully, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker has signed into law a statewide ban on handheld cell phone use while operating a vehicle. The bill, after many failed attempts, finally passed the House and Senate. This new law takes effect in February, 2020, allowing for a 30-day grace period before it is enforced.
The bill prohibits the use of hand held cell phones by both motor vehicle operators as well as bicyclists. Operators can still talk on their devices while operating a vehicle or bicycle, but it must be through the use of hands free technology such as Bluetooth.
The use of texting or viewing of video is now prohibited, although operators may utilize and look at GPS on their phone only if the their cell phone is properly mounted.
This new law is much needed and very long overdue because it will cut down on the number of Massachusetts auto accidents due to distracted driving.

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