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Safety Tips To Avoid Bicycle Accidents 

Safety Tips To Avoid Bicycle Accidents 
Today on Boston’s City Hall plaza I walked by a great bicycle event called Hub On Wheels.  This event offers two routes for bicycle riders of all skill levels to choose from.  One route cyclists can choose is one in downtown Boston, and the other is along the Emerald Necklace.
Safety tips to avoid bicycle accidents
As a bicycle accident lawyer in Boston, this event reminded me of the importance of keeping bicyclists safe.  Avoiding collisions between motor vehicles and bicyclists is crucial for everyone.  Here are some ways both parties can avoid colliding into one another.
Safety Tips for Motor Vehicle Operators
Car accidents involving bicyclists can be avoided by using the following safety tips:

  • Regularly check your mirrors and blind spots
  • Always giving cyclists enough space
  • Always driving the speed limit
  • Avoiding unnecessary distractions at all times

Safety Tips for Bicylists

Bicylists can help to avoid injuries and accidents with motor vehicles by:

  • Always wearing a helmet
  • Trying to avoid riding at night
  • Obeying all traffic signals
  • Always staying alert and focused with what is around you
  • Watching for car doors opening, and cars emerging from parked spaces

A Boston Bicycle Accident Lawyer That Can Help

The Earley Law Group has a long track record of receiving just and fair compensation for bicyclists that have been negligently struck by motor vehicles.  Call today. We are ready and prepared to help you.

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