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Mediation and Massachusetts Personal Injury Law

Most Massachusetts personal injury cases settle with the insurance company who insured the person who caused the accident.  This is often done through negotiation between your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer, and the adjuster from the insurance company. 

I have found mediation however to be an increasingly effective mechanism for resolving Massachusetts personal injury claims that won’t settle.  You can mediate a Massachusetts injury case even if your case has not yet been filed in court.  In fact, mediation can save you a great deal of money because trying a Massachusetts bodily injury case is usually expensive.  Mediation is not only cheaper than court, but is also less risky because instead of facing a judge or jury, you face a mediator who has no authority to bind the parties.  You can expect to pay about $250 – $400 an hour for a good Massachusetts mediator.  More times than not, with the right mediator, and with the right attitude and approach to mediation, personal injury claims can settle through mediation.

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