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Bike Safety in Boston and What to Do if You’re Hit By a Car


The city of Boston offers a wide variety of transportation ranging from traveling by car to foot; however, biking is an especially popular mode of transportation. If you are a new or seasoned cyclist you might want to consider our bike safety tips in order to prevent you from having a serious bike accident.

One of the most important steps to prevent a serious bike injury is to wear a helmet. Research proves the efficacy of bike helmets as they can reduce head injuries by as much as 50% and head, neck, and face injuries by more than 30%. In order to maximize helmet protection, bike helmets should be replaced every 3-5 years and fit appropriately. Click here in order to access a PDF by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which provides instructions on how to fit your bike helmet. When looking for a bike helmet, it is recommended to purchase a new model like a MIPS (Multi-Impact Protection System) because it protects cyclists far better than older models. Brands like Schwinn or Specialized offer protective gear at an affordable price.

Biking at night can result in serious injuries if you are not using the proper gear. Bike lights are an absolute necessity when biking at night because it allows you to be visible to other commuters thereby preventing serious accidents to you and others. Other gear that helps you become more visible includes reflective vests and gloves. 

Following the rules of the road and being aware of your surroundings also is essential to biking safely in Boston. Follow all traffic laws, and obey traffic signs, signals, and street markings. Use bike lanes when possible, but be aware that bike lanes don’t provide total protection. Beware of parked cars as you might be hit by their opening doors. This also applies to taxis as the best thing to do is to stay out of their way. Scan the road for potholes, debris, or anything that can cause a crash. Avoid distractions by staying off your cellphone or wearing headphones as the sounds of the street can help you avoid any accidents. 

However, there might be some unavoidable circumstances that may result in a bicycle accident. If you find yourself in a bike accident the first thing that you should do is scan yourself for any injuries and call an ambulance. After doing so you should collect the driver’s contact and insurance information. However, you should especially prioritize their license plate which you may take a photo of. The second thing you should do to help your case is to identify any witnesses. Simply ask if you can get their name and number to contact them at a more convenient time. 

Although biking is an enjoyable activity, please follow these tips to ensure your safety when driving in the city of Boston. To learn more about bike accidents and personal injury law, contact our office at (617) 338-7400.

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