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5 Typical False Ideas About Personal Injury Claims

3 Common Mistakes MVA (motor vehicle accident) Victims Make

Myth #1: A Personal Injury Claim Cannot Be Made for Minor Injuries

You might not immediately be aware of the full degree of your injuries following a personal injury accident. Many injuries sustained in accidents are not immediately apparent and may get worse over time. No matter how serious your injuries appear to be, you should always have a full medical evaluation before choosing whether to claim compensation for your injuries.

Myth #2: Individuals with insurance do not want personal injury attorneys

Sadly, insurance providers do not always act in the best interests of accident victims. The insurance provider will frequently make an effort to provide you the smallest payment for your injury.

Myth #3:: Personal injury lawsuits may be brought at any time

In Massachusetts, there is a statute of limitations on all personal injury claims. You have three years from the accident date to bring a personal injury claim if you were hurt in a mishap. It is usually in your best advantage to submit a claim well before the statute of limitations runs out, even though that may seem like plenty of time. Over time, evidence and witness testimony may be lost or destroyed, making it more difficult for your attorney to prove liability.

Myth #4: You Will Ruin Someone’s Life by Suing Them

Often, victims know the person responsible for their accident personally and worry about the implications of suing them. While these situations can be challenging to navigate, it is essential to put your own health and financial needs first. In most cases, your friend or family member’s insurance will cover your settlement, and they will not have to pay out of pocket.

Myth #5: Individuals who file personal claims are avaricious

Personal injury claims have a bad reputation that could make victims think that seeking compensation is just a method to gain quick cash. There is, however, no justification for feeling guilty or ashamed about making a personal injury claim. Victims who must pay for their own treatment may suffer severe financial hardship due to the costs of hospital stays, medications, and physical therapy. You are entitled to compensation for your losses if you were hurt in an accident as a result of someone else’s carelessness.

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