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If you’ve ever slipped, tripped, or taken an unexpected tumble due to a dangerous situation, you know it can be more than just a clumsy moment. These incidents can lead to severe injuries and leave a lasting impact on your life. Knowing what to do in the aftermath is crucial, and that’s what this guide is all about—helping you navigate the complexities of slips, trips, and falls and understanding your rights to compensation.

Whether it’s a slippery floor in a grocery store or a poorly maintained sidewalk, if you’ve been hurt in a slip or trip and fall accident, it’s important to grasp the immediate steps you should take. From seeking prompt medical treatment to collecting evidence that supports your case, being informed empowers you to protect your well-being and legal rights.

We’ll delve into the common causes and injuries linked to these accidents, emphasizing property owners’ responsibility in maintaining safe environments. Recognizing who might be liable for your slip and fall injury is crucial, and we’ll explore the complexities involved in personal injury claims.

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If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident at a retail store, the store does not have a legal duty to provide you with a copy of the video.  The only real way to obtain the video of your fall is by suing the store for your injuries.  At that time, during discovery, the store is required to provide you, or your attorney, with a copy of the video.  Regardless of whether or not the case is in suit, my office always sends a 'spoilation letter' advising the store to preserve the video, as it is evidence that can be introduced at trial.  The failure of a store to preserve the video can result in serious sanctions and penalties by the court. 

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Here are some great nuggets of information for those injured in a slip and fall accident in Massachusetts that I found over at the CBS channel 3 Springfield, MA website :

Slip and Fall FAQs

Q: Under what circumstances is a landowner liable for damages to someone who is injured in a slip and fall accident?

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