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As the winter approaches, the chances of slip and falls begin to increase drastically. Slipping and falling on ice is never fun, and it often hurts. Not only can it feel embarrassing, the pain also tends to linger and cause aches. If you’ve fallen on ice, here are three simple steps you should take. 

  1. If possible, try to stand up and move around. Determine what injuries, if any, have occurred. Make sure all of your injuries are documented- take photographs and keep a record. 
  2. Seek Medical Attention. Oftentimes, slip and fall accidents can lead to fractures, bruises, back injuries, and spinal cord injuries.  
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I receive many calls each year from people injured from slip and fall, and trip and fall accidents on Boston sidewalks.  Sometimes, if it can be shown you fell on a privately owned section of the sidewalk, your case may be a decent case.  However, if you fell on a publically owned section of the sidewalk, then your case may be a little more complicated.

Due to old and uneven sidewalks and streets, and often snowy and icy winter conditions, there is a high incidence of slip and fall and trip and fall accidents in Boston.  These accidents can cause very serious injuries.  Unfortunately, these claims are difficult for two reasons.  First, you must generally put the City of Boston on notice within thirty days of the accident.  Second, depending on where you fell, there are often monetary caps on the City's liability for these accidents.

If you have slipped and fell, or tripped and fell on a Boston sidewalk or street, you should notify the City of the accident as soon as possible.  These claims are tough to begin with (liability in slip and fall and trip and fall accidents is always a challenge) notwithstanding the notice requirements and caps on damages.

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