Your First Meeting With Your Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer

When you go to a consultation (they are almost always free) with your prospective Massachusetts injury lawyer, I suggest you bring the following with you:

1.  All of your medical records and bills following the accident;

2.  All photographs of your visible personal injuries;

3.  All photographs of the location of the accident;

4.  All photographs of damage to your vehicle (assuming it was a car accident);

4.  A copy of the police report;

5.  Any and all correspondence with an insurance company following the accident;

6.  Any and all insurance company releases that you have signed;

7.  Information about any prior Massachusetts accidents you have been involved in;

8.  Any and all information about witnesses that saw the accident;

9.  Proof of lost wages following the accident;

10. Documentation of your health and auto insurance.

Bring to the consultation as much information as you can so your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer can properly evaluate your Massachusetts injury claim.