Why Are Massachusetts Injury Victims Losing at Trial?

Currently, plaintiffs in Massachusetts are losing at trial at an alarming rate.  This is notably reflected in soft-tissue, minor impact motor vehicle accident cases.  In these cases, defense attorneys in Massachusetts are winning the battle while injured plaintiffs are losing the great majority of these cases.

Jurors deciding these cases are arguably reluctant to award money to a plaintiff who has only suffered a neck or back strain stemming from a low-impact motor vehicle accident.  What these jurors don’t know is that severe injuries can result from low-impact accidents.  That is why testimony of a physical therapist or chiropractor at trial can serve to educate a jury that injuries, and often substantial injuries, due in fact result from low-impact accidents.

The testimony of such practitioners is relatively inexpensive, and it is a great way to argue, and perhaps convince a jury, about the nature and extent of your personal injuries.  By bringing these providers to court to testify is one possible way of reducing the overwhelming number of defense verdicts in Massachusetts courts.

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