Who Pays You A Settlement If You Slip And Fall?

Massachusetts slip and fall law is a branch of premises liability law that is intended to encourage landowners to keep their properties safe.  If they fail to do, they can be held liable.  Keep in mind that property owners are not automatically liable if someone slips and falls on their property.  Rather, the person that fell has the burden to prove that his injuries from the slip and fall accident were due to the carelessness or negligence of the property owner.

If this can be done then the claim will likely at some point settle.  It may settle during the claims stage, or the lawsuit stage, but it will likely settle prior to the case being tried in court.

If your case is one where damages and liability can be established, then who pays you a settlement?  It is the insurance company that insures the property where you fell that pays the settlement.  The property owner does not pay the settlement out of it’s own pocket, unless it has no insurance.  This is the same with car accident claims.  The driver that caused the accident does not pay the settlement out of his pocket, but rather his insurance company pays it.

Once the parties agree on a settlement number, the injured party will sign a release. The release is a legal document that ends the case.  It basically states that in exchange for the settlement money, the claimant agrees to end the case, and to never bring the case in the future.  Usually once the insurance company receives the signed release, they have up to four weeks to process payment.

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