“Who Pays My Medical Bills If I was a Bicyclist Hit by a Car?”

Here is how insurance law works, generally speaking, when you have been involved in a bicycle accident in Massachusetts:

The auto insurance company that insures the driver who hit you will pay up to $8,000.00 of your medical bills, as well as 75% of your lost wages.  Note that your auto insurance company does not pay either your medical bills or your lost wages. 

After the first $2000.00 of your medical bills are paid by the insurance carrier for the at-fault driver, then any bills above that will be submitted to your health insurance carrier. Any bills that your health insurance carrier does not pay are then submitted back to the auto insurance carrier who insures the driver who hit you.  That insurance carrier will not pay more than $8000.00 in combined medical bills and lost wages, as they are not required to do under Massachusets law.