Who Do I Sue If I Had A Car Accident?

When someone is injured from a car accident, they many times wonder if they may bring a lawsuit for their injuries. It really depends on how the accident occurred. If you were at-fault for causing the accident, then it would be unwise to file a lawsuit. If however you were not at-fault, and sustained personal injuries, then you likely can file a lawsuit for your injuries. You may be wondering, who do I sue if I had a car accident?

The driver that caused the accident is who you, or your car accident lawyer sues. That person’s insurance company will step in once the case is filed. They will provide their driver (the one who was sued) with a defense.

If the driver that caused the accident was working at the time and driving a company vehicle, then both the driver and his employer are sued. A legal doctrine called respondeat superior (vicarious liability) makes the employer legally liable if it’s driver negligently caused the crash.

The car insurance company is only sued when a claim for bad faith or unfair settlement practices is made. That is a new claim that stems from the way the underlying personal injury claim was handled.

This applies to motor vehicle crashes, but also to bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents as well.

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