What To Do When You’ve Been Hit By A Commercial Truck

What to do when you've been hit by a commercial truck

Whether it be a Coca Cola, Fed-Ex, or other vehicle that hits you, there are some important things to do immediately after you’ve been hit by a commercial truck.

These accidents can happen when a truck negligently hits a pedestrian who is lawfully crossing a street within a crosswalk. Or, they can happen when a truck illegally takes a left turn, or rear ends the vehicle in front of it.  Here are things to do:

1. Call the police immediately. Generally, whether you were hit by a commercial truck as a pedestrian, or you were the driver or passenger of a motor vehicle, calling the police right away is very important. That way the responding officer can come to the scene and write down in the police report the precise facts of the accident, and who is responsible.

2. While waiting for the police, take photos of the scene.  Also be sure to photograph all injuries you sustained, and any damage to your clothing from the accident.  As well be sure to take some shots of all vehicles involved in the trucking accident. Cell phones take amazing photographs so be sure to use yours immediately after the accident.

3. Be sure to obtain prompt medical attention. No matter how the accident occurred, getting hit by a commercial truck usually results in very serious personal injuries. Injuries such as broken bones, dislocations, and other serious injuries commonly result in these crashes. Getting prompt medical attention both allows you to seek immediate medical help for your injuries, and also provides for accurate reporting of your injuries which will be reflected in your medical records.  These records will be crucial for your case.

4. Don’t communicate with any insurance companies.  A few days after the crash you may receive a phone call from the truck driver’s insurance company.  Be sure not to communicate with them.  They are calling to probably request a recorded statement from you, or to offer you a quick settlement for short money.  Once they do call don’t speak with them.

5. Contact a commercial truck accident attorney. These cases can be very complex. That is because these accidents cause extensive and complex injuries, as well as oftentimes complicated legal and insurance issues.  Many times there are multiple potential parties that must be sued when a commercial truck negligently strikes someone.

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