When You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer 

Accidents happen. They are just part of life. Sometimes these accidents produce personal injuries. When that happens, you need to know when you need a personal injury lawyer in order to recover compensation from an insurance company.

If you had a car accident, as long as you were not at fault and you sustained injuries from the car wreck, then you would likely need a car accident law firm that handles personal injury cases to help you. An example would be if someone rear-ends you.

Or, for premises liability accidents, if you slipped and fell, or tripped and fell on someone’s property, and you sustained injuries, then you would likely need a slip and fall law firm to handle your personal injury case.

An other example would be if you were riding a bicycle and got hit by a car, then you would need a lawyer to help you. Other common types of injury cases which require an attorney’s services are pedestrian accidents, dog bites, injuries from faulty products, wrongful death cases, etc.

Basically, whenever a third-party negligently causes someone to become injured, the injury victim should hire a personal injury attorney. That way, the insurance company will have to pay out a fair and reasonable settlement to the victim.