When You Don’t Need A Lawyer For A Car Accident

Almost everyone at some point will unfortunately be involved in a car crash. Most times an attorney is needed in order for the crash victim’s right to be protected. But an attorney is not always needed. Here are some examples of situations when you don’t need a lawyer for a car accident.

If you were at fault you don’t need a lawyer. That is because you would have no claim to make. If anyone was injured in the accident they may sue you. But your auto insurance company would step into the lawsuit and provide you with an attorney.

If you were not injured, or you were injured but did not receive medical treatment, then you would not need a lawyer. The reason is because car accident lawyers help people recover compensation for their personal injuries from a crash. If there are no losses to recover compensation for, then a lawyer would not be needed.

If the case is one where only propery damage was sustained, but no injuries, then a car accident lawyer is not needed. Generally speaking, lawyers are not needed with property damage disputes. If the dispute cannot be worked out, then a lawsuit can be filed in small claims court.

Car Accident Lawyer In Boston 

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