When You Don’t Need A Boston Workers Comp Lawyer

Not every work accident requires the assistance of a workers’ compensation attorney.  Many times an attorney is needed, but there are times when an attorney is not needed for an industrial accident.  Here are some of those times.

If the accident did not result in any kind of personal injuries, then an attorney is not needed.  Many work accidents require no medical treatment and lost them from work. When that is the case, legal representation is unnecessary.

Or, for accidents that do result in personal injuries and missed time from work, but the employees has returned to work, and the insurance company has paid all benefits owed to the employee, then a workers comp attorney is not needed.

Basically, an attorney is needed when there is a dispute. This happens when the injured workers is out of work and the insurance company refuses to pay for wages.  Or, if the insurance company refuses to pay for needed medical treatment.

When there is a dispute concerning Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits, a claim must be filed at the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents. This court system has five different courts throughout Massachusetts located in Boston, Lawrence, Springfield, Worcester and Fall River.

Boston Workers Comp Attorney

There are times when you don’t need a Boston workers comp lawyer. However, whenever an insurance company refuses to pay you the workers comp benefits you are rightfully owed, an attorney that handles workers’ compensation disputes should be hired in order to get the best possible outcome.  Contact the Law Office of Christopher Earley today and we would be happy to give you a free case review to see if we can help you.