When To Call A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Work accidents can happen at any moment. If you experience one, it is important to know what do to. These accidents can come in a variety of forms. They can be caused by car accidents, by slips and falls, any many other possible ways. They also can cause a variety of injuries. Some of these injuries can include torn rotator cuffs, fractured ankles, broken ribs, etc. Sometimes the injuries require ambulance transport and hospital visits. Sometimes they require physical therapy and/or chiropractic treatment. Sometimes orthopedic doctors are needed, and surgery may be necessary. These accidents can happen in any type of work environment, and are quite common on construction sites. If you were not injured from the work accident, there is no need to call a workers’ comp attorney. However, if you were, it may be a good idea to call one.

If you did have a work accident and sustained injuries, the workers’ compensation insurance company for your employer will have to pay for your medical bills and missed time from work (as long as you missed at least five days from work). If they refuse to (which is usually the case), then you would want to call a work injury lawyer in Boston. The attorney will be able to and will now how to file the appropriate paperwork. He also will know the various stages of the dispute resolution process at the Department of Industrial Accidents, which include, conciliation, conference, and hearing.

Unlike with personal injury cases in, even if you were partially, or completely at-fault for causing the accident, you can still file for workers’ compensation benefits in Massachusetts. Plus, nearly every workers’ compensation law firm near you will offer you a free, no-obligation consultation. Plus, the attorney only gets paid if she wins your case. That is called a contingency fee, and Massachusetts workers compensation legal fees are set by law. For cases that lump sum settle, the attorney collect a fee of 15% if the case settles without liability, and 20% if the case settles with liability.

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If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of a work accident, I encourage you to download for free our free guide called The Truth About Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Accidents. It hopefully helps you make the best possible decisions for your case.