When A Minor Is Injured In A Personal Injury Accident

No one wants to think of their child being injured. As the father of two young children, I especially understand this sentiment. Unfortunately, negligence happens and children, just like adults, can be victims of personal injury.

Children can be injured in a  variety of ways. They may be passengers in a vehicle involved in a motor vehicle accident. They can be struck by motor vehicles while they are walking as pedestrians. They may be the victims of a dog bite.

Claims involving minors work the same as claims for adults, but with some important differences. For example, since minors can’t enter into contracts, it is the parent that signs the contingent fee agreement. The parent will make all necessary case decisions on behalf of the minor.

Also unlike claims involving adults, settlements for minor claims must be approved by a judge. These are called petitions for approval of minor settlements. Basically, the court wants to make sure the personal injury settlement funds will not be squandered by the parent and will only used for the benefit of the child.