What To Expect From A Personal Injury Lawyer In Boston

There are many advantages to hiring a lawyer following an accident. But if you have never needed to hire legal representation before, you may not be real clear on what a lawyer will do for you. Here is what to expect from a personal injury lawyer in Boston, regardless if you are dealing with a car accident, or any other kind of injury case.

First, the attorney will meet with you (or his paralegal) to discuss your case, namely, the liability and damages. Then he will send letters of representation to the necessary parties and insurance adjusters.

He will also collect any evidence, namely photographs and police reports that may exist.

The attorney and his team will also collect all of your medical records and medical bills relating to your accident. Soon thereafter a demand package will be completed and submitted to the insurance company.

Next, the attorney will negotiate your case with the insurance adjuster. After back and forth, the case will hopefully settle. If it does not, then a lawsuit will need to be filed by your attorney.

Eventually the case will likely settle and your attorney will prepare all necessary paperwork to get the case settled. He will also address and liens that may have been filed against the case.

Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

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