What To Expect From A Boston Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

For people that are injured at work it oftentimes makes sense to hire a lawyer.  Insurance companies frequently try to trick injured workers by cutting off the rights that they are entitled to.  If you are thinking about hiring an attorney to help you with your work injury claim, here is what to expect from a Boston workers’ compensation lawyer.

The attorney is your advocate who fights the insurance company for you.  She makes sure that you collect the full amount of your lost wages, as well as making sure all of your medical bills are paid by the insurance company.

She also will make sure that if any benefits are refused, then she will file a claim for you at the Department of Industrial Accidents.  This is the court that hears all disputes between injured workers and insurance companies.

Sometimes it makes sense to lump sum settle a case.  This is a one-time payment by the insurance company that your attorney can negotiate for you.  That means in exchange for accepting this payment, the insurance company will no longer be required to pay you weekly benefits.

A Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Boston

No matter how you were injured at work, it is important to hire legal representation to fight for you.  There are many things a Boston workers’ comp lawyer can do for you.  There is no reason not to hire legal representation when the insurance company will try everything possible to limit the amount of money you receive for your work injury claim. Contact the Law Office of Christopher Earley today for free.

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