What To Expect From A Boston Car Accident Lawyer

For those injured in an automobile accident, it makes sense to hire a lawyer.  Insurance companies can be very sneaky and frequently try to pay innocent car accident victims as little as possible.  If you are considering hiring representation to help you, here is what to expect from a Boston car accident lawyer.

The attorney is your advocate against the insurance company.  He makes sure that all necessary insurance paperwork is properly filled out.  As well he will communicate with the insurance company to inform the adjuster about the status of your medical treatment and the personal injuries you sustained in the accident.

He also will collect all necessary evidence in order to best position your case for the best possible settlement.  This includes collecting the police report, photographs of the damage to the vehicles and the scene of the accident, proof of lost wages, as well as all of your medical records and medical bills.  This will be in the form of a demand package that the adjuster will be given a few weeks to review.  Once it is reviewed, then negotiations will take place.

If after some back and forth your Boston car accident lawyer and the adjuster can agree on a settlement number, then the case will resolve and a release will need to be signed.  If the parties cannot agree on a number then the case will need to be filed in court, and the litigation process will be underway. 

A Car Accident Attorney in Boston

No matter what type of motor vehicle crash you were involved in, it is important to hire representation to help you.  There are many things on what to expect from a Boston car accident lawyer.  There is no reason not to hire legal representation when the insurance company and their lawyers are doing everything possible to limit the amount of money you receive for your claim.

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