What To Do When You’re Hurt In A Car Accident 

What to do when you're hurt in a car accident

The worst thing to do after being injured in a car accident is not taking the appropriate next steps.  Here are some things to do if you suffered injuries from a car accident:

1. Contact the police

It is always wise to have the police come to the scene of any motor vehicle collision where there is bodily injury suffered, or damage caused to any vehicles involved in the accident.  By calling the police, the facts and fault for the accident will be documented and later put into the police report.  Also, if you were at-fault for the accident, make sure to not admit fault for the accident at the scene to anyone.

2. Take photographs

Since nearly everyone has a smart phone with a camera, make sure to take photos of the damage to the vehicles.  Also, be sure to photograph any injuries you suffered in the wreck. These will later be used to show the damage done not only to the vehicles involved, but to you personally as well.

3. Collect information 

Be sure to collect as much information as you can on all other drivers involved in the accident.  Be sure to collect their full contact information, license plate number, and the name of their insurance company.

4. Seek medical attention

If at the scene of the car accident you feel the immediate onset of pain, it may be best to call for an ambulance. If you don’t feel pain immediately, but pain comes on later, get checked out by a doctor.  Be sure to report to all medical personnel that you interact with the precise location and extent of your pain.  That is important so that the medical records which are created completely and accurately reflect just how much you were physically impacted from the accident.

5. Don’t speak with an insurance company 

Shortly after the accident you will likely be contacted by an insurance adjuster.  Make sure to never sign any paperwork sent to you by the insurance company, or to give any statement (recorded or otjerwise) the insurance company requests. They are contacting you in order to minimize the benefits you are entitled to.  Don’t fall for it.

6. Contact a lawyer that specializes in car accident cases

There are many, many lawyers in Massachusetts.  Most can handle a car accident claim.  But, a lawyer who only ocassionally handles car wreck cases will lack the experience of one who specializes.  It is always best to target lawyers that specialize in car accident and personal injury cases. That way you are getting a lawyer that is not a Jack-of-all-trades, but rather one that strictly focuses on injury cases.  Such an attorney will be able to best position your car accident claim for the highest and fairest settlement.