What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident In Boston

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident you may be confused about what to do following the crash.  You may be dealing with painful injuries, lost time from work, and mounting medical bills.  Taking the appropriate next steps ensures you collect full compensation for the losses you sustained from the accident.  Here is what to do after a motorcycle accident in Boston.

First, make sure you call the police.  By having the police come to the scene, they will be able to create a police report that documents exactly what happened.  The full contact information for the parties as well as the facts of what led to the crash will be recorded.  The police report will likely assign blame as to who was at fault for causing the accident.

Next, if you can, take photographs of all damage to your motorcycle, as well as all damage to the car that hit you, and also photograph the scene of the crash.

If you are feeling any personal injuries, it may be wise to have an ambulance bring you to a hospital to be checked out.  Sometimes, the physical pain from the trauma does not come on immediately, and is delayed. It is always best to be precautious when it comes to your health following an accident.

Next, be sure not to have any contact with the insurance company for the driver who hit you.  The insurance adjuster may be calling you and sending you letters with forms to complete.  You may even be offered a small settlement. Don’t have any communication with the insurance company, or sign any documents, before you consult with a lawyer in Boston that handles motorcycle crashes.

Compensation For Victims of Massachusetts Motorcycle Crashes

You may file a claim to have your medical bills as well as your lost wages paid.  You also can file a claim for pain and suffering.  This would be compensation for all the physical and mental trauma you experienced from the accident.

Contact A Local Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

One of the most important things to know regarding what to do after a motorcycle accident in Boston, is to hire legal representation.  That way, you will know the insurance company will not be taking advantage of you.  Get the settlement you deserve by hiring a qualified motorcycle crash lawyer near you. Contact us today.


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