What To Do After A Dog Bite In Boston

Dog bites are amazingly frequent. At our Boston law office, we are frequently contacted by people that have experienced a dog bite.  Knowing that to do after a dog bite in Boston can be crucial.

First, contact the police.  The responding office will write a report that documents the full contact information of the dog owner, and the detailed facts on how the dog bite attack occurred.

Next, take photographs of all personal injuries you suffered. Frequently attacks from dogs leave victims with teeth marks, puncture wounds, and exposed flesh. Taking photos as soon as possible helps to preserve just how the injuries looked following the dog bite.

Make sure you obtain prompt medical attention.  These accidents can cause serious injuries that require immediate medical attention.  Oftentimes stitches (sutures) are required as well as necessary vaccinations such as rabies and tetanus shots.  Be sure to follow-up with medical professionals as needed once you are discharged from the hospital.  Typically scarring can result from these accidents so you want to make sure you properly treat the scar to minimize its appearance.

Contact the local animal control office. It important to contact them so that they can investigate the accident, and they can quarantine the dog as necessary to prevent others from being bit.  They will create a report and will be able to inform you whether or not the dog is up to date on his shots.

Contact A Dog Bite Injury Lawyer In Boston

These cases can quickly become complicated from a legal standpoint.  Having a qualified dog bite injury attorney makes good sense. Plus, the attorney only gets paid if the case settles, and that is called a contingency fee. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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