What To Do After A Dog Bite Attack

No one ever wants to be bitten by a dog. Man’s best friend provides loving companion ship. Sometimes, like animals, they can behave very unpredictably. If you have been the victim of one of these types of personal injury accidents, it is important to know what to do after a dog bite attack.

Receive medical attention as soon as possible. Dog bites and attacks can cause injuries ranging from scarring, broken (fractured) bones, and many other possible injuries. Sometimes with a bad mauling by a dangerous dog, wrongful death can occur. Getting prompt medical attention ensures that the injuries caused by the do bite are properly addressed as soon as possible.

Next, contact animal control to report the accident. Animal control will determine if the dog needs to be quarantined, or on some cases, put down. They also will be able to tell you if the dog is current on shots as contracting rabies is always a possibility when a dog attacks someone.

Next you should contact a local dog bite attack lawyer. These cases can be complicated to hiring an experienced lawyer gives you peace of mind that your rights will be properly protected. Plus, the attorney will be able to secure for you a fair financial settlement that will provided money for not only your medical bills and lost wages, but for your pain and suffering as well.

It is important to note that even if the the attacks you, but does not actually make contact with you, then you still have a case. Examples of this is when a dog chases a pedestrian who slips and falls, or a bicyclist who is injured while trying to elude the dog.

Dog Bite Attack Lawyer

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