What Do I Need To Do During My Workers Comp Case?

Following your accident at work you likely have been thrust into a very new and confusing period.  You can’t work. The insurance company is sending you letters. You’re not sure what you are supposed to do.  Doing the right things, and avoiding the wrong things, will likely ensure a successful outcome for your case.  Here are some things you will need to do during your case.

What do I need to do during my workers comp case?

Reporting the Accident

Once the work injury occurs is when the workers comp process begins.  It is important to report immediately to your supervisors exactly what happened.  It is wise to write down on a piece of paper the details of what happened, and the names of any and all witnesses.  An accurate report of what happened will help the claim later on in the process.

Medical Treatment

If you are injured from the accident, be sure to stay on top of your medical treatment.  Try to remain consistent so you don’t miss any appointments. Keep in mind you don’t need to go to the insurance company’s doctors; you can go to whichever doctors you choose to go to.  However, as with car accident cases, you must attend an Independent Medical Exam (IME).  You also need to attend an impartial medical exam if there is a medical issue appealed following a conference order.

Court Appointments

Sometimes insurance companies pay injured workers what they are owed.  In that case, a claim does not need to be filed in court.  But what more commonly occurs is the insurance company refuses to pay either for wages or medical benefits, and then a claim must be filed in court against them.  If you have or expect to have a claim at the Department of Industrial Accidents you will need to go to the following court events:

Keep in mind if you already have a Massachusetts workers compensation lawyer, he/she will attend the Conciliation for you.

As well, your attorney can properly advise you in order to maximize the benefits you may collect.  A lawyer can also negotiate a favorable lump sum settlement for you, if it makes sense to do so.  Keep in mind the insurance company has their lawyers, and in order to level the playing field, you should too.

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