What Is A Speedy Conference?

Workers compensation disputes are quite common.  There are in fact thousands of these disputes filed each year in Massachusetts workers compensation insurance companies, as well as by an injured employees.   The dispute process at the Department of Industrial Accidents is a multi-step process. The conference is the second step in the dispute process that follows after the conciliation.  Unfortunately, there is usually a 3-4 month wait for the injured worker betwee these two court events.  The Court does however allow the injured employee to request a speedy conference under certain circumstances.

what is a speedy conference?

How Is the Speedy Conference Requested?

If the injured worker is out of work, and receiving no benefits, he/she does not have the time to wait for 3-4 months to get in front of a judge for conference.  In that situation, the employee may be financially struggling because either his/her benefits were denied by the insurance company, reduced or terminated.  In this situation a speedy conference can be requested.  The request is done by your workers compensation lawyer who fills out and submits to the Court a Form 131 as well as a Form 132.  The Court with all filings requires a cover sheet in order for the document(s) to be uploaded to the Document Management System (DMS).

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