What Injuries Do Boston Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

Personal injury attorneys represent those that have been injured due to negligence. Their primary purpose is to obtain for a client full and fair compensation for any and all damages stemming from a personal injury accident. But what injuries specifically do Boston personal injury attorneys handle for their clients? It really depends on the case, but here are some common injuries that personal injury attorneys handle. They primarily handle two types of injuries. The first are physical injuries and the second or mental or emotional injuries. With regard to physical injuries, typical injuries include strains and sprains injuries, which are also called soft-tissue injuries. These injuries frequently arise from motor vehicle accidents but can be caused by any type of injury-inducing accident.

what type of injuries do Boston personal injury lawyers handle?

Soft-tissue sprains and strains are commonly experienced in the neck, back, ankles, and wrists. Slip and fall accidents are another common contributor for soft-tissue injuries. Fractures (or broken bones), are another common injury that personal injury attorneys handle. Fractures can range from mild to severe. Falls can be a common cause of broken bones.

Broken bones can range from hairline fractures all the way to more severe and serious fractures such as compound or comminuted fractures. Sometimes, broken bones require surgery, and sometimes they do not. If surgery is needed, there are two avenues to medically address the injury. One method is to close, reduce the broken bone. That essentially means putting the bone back in its place or manipulating the bone without the necessity of surgery. The other type is more of an interventional approach, which is surgical repair of the broken bone. The severity of fractures typically depends on whether it is a displaced or nondisplaced fracture. A displaced fracture typically means the broken bone has been moved out of place, while a nondisplaced bone fracture has resulted in a bone not being moved out of its place.

Another source of injury can be from a dog bite attack. Dog bite injuries typically are puncture wounds or breaks in the skin, which sometimes require sutures or stitches. Depending on the severity of the attack from a dog, scarring may result. Scarring can range from very, very mild, and insignificant to quite horrific. The settlement value of a scarring injury arising from a dog bite is typically based on a number of factors such as the gender of the victim, the age of the victim, the location of the scar, as well as the size of the scar. Sometimes, plastic surgery is needed, unfortunately, to repair scarring resulting from a dog bite attack.

Another common type of injury are meniscus injuries, which are injuries to the knee, as well as other knee injuries, including ACL, MCL, and PCL injuries. Like with all other injuries, sometimes, injuries to the knee require surgery, while other times they do not.

Sometimes, in addition to personal injuries, emotional or mental injuries can result from a negligently-caused accident. A common example is PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a residual mental trauma experienced by an accident victim. Frequently, PTSD requires counseling by licensed psychologists or psychiatrists. Depending on the severity of the PTSD suffered, medication may potentially be prescribed. In addition to PTSD, sometimes, anxiety or depression can result from an accident. Each and every human responds differently to trauma. Generally speaking, the more serious the injury, the more likely it is that a mental and/or emotional damages component may result. This is especially born out with catastrophic accidents that result in life-long debilitating injuries.

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