What Happens When The Other Driver Lies About How The Accident Happened 

Following many car accidents the drivers involved try to point the finger at one another. They may claim the other driver failed to yield, failed to stop at a stop sign, or some other driver error occurred, such as driver distraction. They do this by telling the police officer that arrives on the scene that the other driver caused the accident. They also tell their car insurance company they did not cause the accident. But what if one of the driver’s lies about how the car crash occurred? What are you supposed to do in this situation?

It makes sense in this situation to a car crash attorney. That is because the attorney will be able to analyze the evidence and successfully argue to the insurance company for the at-fault driver that he caused the crash. This is frequently done through a lawsuit which will involve the other driver’s deposition. During the deposition your attorney will be able to nail down just how the accident happened which will hopefully establish the other driver did lie on how the accident happened.

Regardless of how much the other driver lies about the accident, and if he fails to take legal responsibility, the litigation and court process are both available for getting to the truth.