What Does A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Do?

What does a workers' compensation lawyer do?

Many people who get injured at work come to find out the claim process that follows a work injury can be very challenging.  Many of these people consider whether or not to hire a workmans’ comp lawyer to represent them.  If you too are wondering this, here are some things that a workers’ compensation lawyer can offer you.

First, the attorney analyses your accident, and your medical records, and then can determine the Massachusetts workers’ compensation rights you are entitled to as a matter of law.

Also, if your doctors in their records say you can’t work due to the work accident, and the insurance company refuses to put you on workers’ comp benefit checks, then your lawyer can file a claim in court for you.  This is done by filing a form 110.

Or, if after paying you benefits the insurance company then lowers your payments, or stops paying you entirely, then your lawyer can file a claim at the Department of Industrial Accidents to contest these moves by the insurance company on your behalf.

Your attorney, regardless of what is disputed, will be able to go to court and navigate and push your case through the court process.  This involves filing the proper forms with the court, attending a conciliation, conference, and even a hearing (trial) if necessary.

The attorney also will be able to potentially settle your case with the insurance company.  This can be done with filing the appropriate paperwork with the court, and having it approved by either a conciliator or judge.

The attorney also offers peace of mind.  The last thing you want is to mess up your own case by handling it yourself.

By hiring a Boston workers’ compensation lawyer you are assured that your work injury rights will be fully protected and maximized.

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