What Do Injury Lawyers Do?

Most people only wonder what personal injury attorney and workers compensation attorneys actually do once they experience an accident and need to hire one.  Understanding what these lawyers do can help you as you go through the different stages of your case.  Here are some things all injury attorneys do:

What do injury lawyers do?

Case Evaluation

An attorney can evaluate a case and determine if it is a case worth pursuing.  Issues such as liability and damages are examined in order to determine if the case is viable.  For example, for an auto accident, the attorney will first look to see if liability can be established against the other driver.  As well, there has to be an actual injury suffered which is also examined by the attorney.

Communication With The Insurance Company

An injury lawyer will also handle all oral and written communicate with the insurance adjuster.  This communication involves completing PIP (Personal Injury Protection) paperwork, updating the insurance adjuster on your medical treatment status, submitting a demand package, etc.


Lawyers by trade are negotiators.  Part of what Boston injury lawyers do is negotiate claims with insurance adjusters.  For example, if you had a slip and fall accident, and the adjuster argues that the injury victim is at-fault, the attorney can negotiate and argue that that is not the case, and that the property owner is the one at-fault.

Litigation And Trial 

A lawyer that handles personal injury cases can also file a lawsuit if the insurance company makes an unreasonable offer.  The attorney will handle all discovery, as well as pre-trial matters.  If necessary, the attorney will be prepared and capable of trying a case in front of a jury to verdict.

Boston Injury and Accident Lawyer 

If you need a local injury lawyer to handle your case, I encourage you to contact us today for your free case evaluation.  Don’t try to handle your case on your own.  Contact us today.  Let us fight for your rights.  We welcome the opportunity to help you with your case.