Ways A Boston Workers Comp Lawyer Can Help You

No one ever wants to get hurt at work.  These accidents can cause very serious personal injuries.  They can also cause missed time from work, medical bills, and a boatload of frustrations.  It oftentimes makes sense to hire a lawyer to represent you and your legal interests.  Here are some ways a Boston workers comp lawyer can help you.

First, your lawyer will be experienced with these cases. He will be familiar with all the paperwork that you probably have never seen before that may be sent to you by the insurance company.  He will also be familiar with the legal process surrounding work injury claims in Massachusetts and will also know his way around the court system that hears these disputes which is the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents.

Next, your lawyer will be able to fight any attempts by the insurance company to deny your claim, or to discontinue (stop) or modify (reduce) your weekly checks.  That is important because the last thing you want is to not have legal representation in these situations protecting you.

A workers comp lawyer also will be able to, under the right conditions, negotiate a lump sum settlement for you.  A lump sum is one-time payment by the insurance company that will pay you one sum of money, instead of paying you weekly benefit checks.  This type of settlement needs an attorney’s expertise to effectively and successfully negotiate.

A Boston Workers Comp Lawyer That Can Help You

If you are handling your claim on your own, you may be considering hiring a lawyer to help you with your case.  Since there are so many ways a workers comp lawyer in Boston can help you, there is every reason to hire representation.  Since the stakes can be so high, make sure you are fully and properly protected.  Contact us today to get started.