Vocational Experts in Massachusetts Personal Injury Trials

If your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer is unable to settle your personal injury claim, he/she will have to file suit against the party that caused your injuries.  That means that your personal injury claim will be litigated.  Litigation costs are very expensive for many different reasons.  One of those reasons is that your lawyer will have to hire experts to provide expert testimony at the trial.

One kind of expert that is commonly used in Massachusetts personal injury trials is a vocational expert.  A vocational expert is one who testifies about your injuries and disability and how they affect your ability to work.  The attorney who represents the insurance company will cross-examine this witness in order to discredit his/her testimony.

Vocational experts are very expensive – they charge a few thousand dollars for their testimony – and they represent only one type of expert witness you will need to present at your Massachusetts personal injury trial.