Understanding Homeowners Insurance For Personal Injury Claims

Understanding homeowners insurance for personal injury claims

In 2016 roughly 5% of homeowners filed homeowners claims.  Many of these claims stem from personal injury accidents.  Whether you are a homeowner or you were injured at someone’s home, it is important to know some common accidents that trigger this type of coverage.

People who own their home and have a mortgage are required to carry homeowners. This is personal liability insurance that covers most accidents.  This is also a type of general liability insurance that covers premises liability accidents.  Here are some common types of injury claims covered by homeowners insurance.

Slips And Falls And Trips And Falls

These are some of the most common types of personal injury homeowners claims.  If a visitor comes to your home and sustains injuries from slipping and falling, then your homeowners insurance will cover you.

Some common examples are slips and falls on snow and ice. If you fail to reasonably clear snow and ice from your driveway, walkways or staircases, and someone is injured as a result, then you can be held liable.  All injuries, from broken bones to even death, would be covered.

Construction Worker Injuries

If someone comes to your home to perform construction work, and they are injured, you may be responsible. If for example you lend your ladder to a worker and the ladder is broken and leads to injury, then you can be held legally responsible.   The injured worker may also have workers compensation rights to pursue as well.

Dog Bites And Attacks

Homeowners does not just cover injuries occurring on your property.  It also covers injuries caused to someone away from your property.  If your dog bites or attacks someone, then homeowners will cover you.  Keep in mind your dog does not need to even make contact with the injury victim.

For example, it is enough if the dog chases someone who falls and is injured.  All losses suffered, including medical bills and any scarring that results, would be covered.

Swimming Pool Accidents

These accidents can be the most horrific as frequently drowning results.

Food Poisoning 

If a guest comes to your home and receives food poisoning, then homeowners insurance will cover the loss.  The victim can make a claim for any damages they suffered as a result.