Types of Common Car Accidents in Boston

Types of common car accidents in Boston

It is no secret that driving in Boston can be difficult.  There are so many vehicles causing serious traffic each and every day.  With more and more cars means generally more and more accidents.  Here are types of common car accidents in Boston.

Rear End Car Accidents

This is probably the most common type of car accident in Boston.  Generally due to distraction, inattentiveness, or sun glare, rear end car accidents generally cause damage to all vehicles involved. They frequently cause a chain reaction crash involving other vehicles.  Personal injuries from these accidents are quite common.

Intersection Accidents

These car accidents are really common.  They can be due to failing to stop at a red light or stop sign. Boston intersection car accident cases typically involve the parties pointing the finger at one another for being at fault.  Sometimes these cases settle with 50/50 liability, meaning each side is considered to be 50% at fault.

Head On Collisions

Head on collisions are some of the most severe impacts. They generally involve one vehicle going too far into the other lane of travel and hitting another vehicle head on.  These crashes cause extensive damage to the front of both vehicles, as well as very serious personal injuries to all vehicle occupants.

Parking Lot Accidents

Car accidents occurring in Boston parking lots happen every day.  They are so common because parking lots generally contain multiple cars moving at the same time, in small enclosed areas.  Many times pedestrians are struck by cars in parking lots in Boston.

Single Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents don’t always involve two or more vehicles.  Single vehicle accidents can occur from distraction, bad weather, or from mechanical failure, such as a blown tire, or other causes.

Distracted Driving Crashes

These are the cause of most car accidents in Boston.  Especially with everyone now having a smart phone, distracted driving car accidents are only getting more and more common.