What To Do After Slipping And Falling In Boston

Many people at some point experience the misfortune of slipping and falling.  Many of these people do not injure themselves in these accidents.  Other people may not be so lucky.  These accidents can cause very serious injuries. If you were injured, here is what to do after slipping and falling in Boston.

First, it is important to report the accident as soon as possible.  If for example you slip and fall in a grocery store, you want to let the store manager know you fell.  That way the store can create an incident report concerning the fall.  Or, if you slip and fall due to ice where you live, you want to let your landlord know about the fall as soon as possible.  Regardless of where you fell, or how you fell, you want to report the accident quickly.

Second, it is important to obtain prompt medical attention. If you feel pain, make sure to get checked out.  Even if your knee aches just a little bit, it may be the sign of a meniscus injury.  Or, if you fell and struck your shoulder, you may have a tear to the rotator cuff.

Contact A Local Slip And Fall Lawyer

These cases can be difficult and require experienced legal representation.  If you sustained injuries from slipping and falling, and feel it is due to negligence, contact The Law Office of Christopher Earley today for a no-obligation, consultation.  We would be happy to help you with your case.