What To Do After A Construction Site Accident 

What to do after a construction site accident

Many people earn a living working in the construction industry.  Ironworkers, carpenters, and electricians are some of millions of people that work in construction.  But all too often these workers are exposed to hazardous job conditions.  When this happens personal injuries can result.  Here is what to do following a construction accident:

Report the accident.  This is really important.  Promptly reporting the accident to your boss will ensure a full and complete accident report is created.  Be sure to report the details such as date, time, location, how the accident happened, names of witnesses, etc.  This will especially help if a workers’ compensation claim is later filed.

Receive medical treatment.  Just as prompt reporting of the accident is important, so is receiving medical treatment.  If you were injured, it is important not to delay receiving your medical treatment.  The reason is because the insurance company will later try to claim you were not really injured, or just minimally injured, since you did not promptly receive medical care.

Consult an attorney.  With construction site accidents there are typically two types of potential injury claims: a workers’ compensation claim and a third-party claim.  The workers’ comp claim is filed with your employer’s insurance company.  This would be a claim for lost wages and medical bills.  Please note you cannot sue your employer for a work injury.

Depending on how the construction accident happened, there may be a third-party claim as well.  This case would be against a third-party if a company other than your employer caused your accident.  For example, suppose you are working on a construction site as a laborer and you work for Company A.  One day you fall due to Company B’s negligence.  You injure your back as a result.

You have a workers’ comp claim against Company A, and a third-party case against Company B.  Unlike with workers’ compensation, you can bring a lawsuit against the third-party.

Consult A Construction Site Accident Attorney

In this situation it greatly helps to have an attorney that can effectively identify and pursue all potential claims you may have.  These cases can be complex and it is always a good idea to hire representation so your rights are best protected.