Tips For Negotiating Your Massachusetts Personal Injury Claim

As most of you may know, the "opening offer" by an insurance adjuster is just that; it is an "opening offer."  You must keep in mind that all insurance adjusters are delegated a certain amount of "authority" for each claim they handle.  Therefore, never accept an "opening offer." 

The adjuster assigned to your claim will contact you to attempt to resolve the claim once your "demand letter" has been reviewed.  Do not lower your demand until the adjuster has made you an offer.  You and the adjuster will go back and forth negotiating.  If you feel the adjuster is being unreasonable, request to speak to his/her supervisor.  That is perfectly acceptable and the adjuster will not be offended with the request.

Always be respectful towards the adjuster, no matter how contentious the negotiations become.

Good luck negotiating your Massachusetts bodily injury claim! 

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