Tip on Negotiating Your Massachusetts Personal Injury Claim

Ok.  You have finally concluded your medical treatment following your Massachusetts accident.  You have collected of all of your medical records and medical bills, and you have sent them to insurance company that is handling your bodily injury claim.  Now it is time for you to negotiate your Massachusetts personal injury claim with the insurance adjuster assigned to the claim.

Invariably the adjuster will tell you that your injuries were not severe to justify his/her low settlement offer.  Here is a tip:  thoroughly analyze your hospital medical records for nurses’ notes.  Nurses are highly trained to evaluate injury victims and their injuries.  Given that fact, nurses will, in medical records, indicate the status of the patient upon his/her arrival into the hospital. 

Bring to the adjuster’s attention all of the nurses’ notes in your hospital records.  Inform the adjuster that you are aware how significant nurses’ notes are, and how objectively credible their observations are considered to be.  This will usually help your negotiating posture with the insurance adjuster.