Things to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer at the Initial Meeting

Here are some things to ask when consulting with a personal injury lawyer:

1)  What percentage of the recovery will you take if there is a settlement or verdict? (33% is standard);

2)  Do you focus solely on personal injury cases, or do you take on other cases as well?

3)  How long have you been practicing law?

4)  Have you ever brought a case to trial?  If so, how many?  What was the result?

5)  Would it be you, or an associate, or a paralegal that would be handling my case?

6)  Have you ever worked on a case similar to mine, and if so, what was the result?

7)  Has a client ever sued you?

8)  Have you ever faced disciplinary charges?

9)  Do you have malpractice insurance?

10)  How much do you anticipate the expenses will be on the case?

These questions should get you started in choosing the right personal injury lawyer to represent you.